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    How Loading Dock Gates and Barriers Prevent Accidents

    The loading dock can be a dangerous place – this is a fact. If you search Google for “loading dock accident” there are always recent articles about people who have been hurt or even killed, lawsuits that have been filed, and companies that have been ordered to pay.

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  • Proper Equipment Installation – Why It Matters

    How important is the loading dock installation process? If your company has had loading dock equipment installed by an amateur or a handyman, you likely know just how important it is. You’ve experienced the frustration that comes with equipment that fails. Incorrectly..

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  • Are Heat and Humidity Costing Your Company Money?

    Look outside – There are leaves on the trees finally, and the sun is shining! It’s summer now. Now take a moment to think about how that’s affecting your loading dock. In Michigan, we tend to spend more of our time and efforts conquering the cold than we do beating...

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  • How Would HVLS Fans Benefit Your Facility?

    While most business owners are aware of the importance of comfortable surroundings from a human resources perspective, they often overlook the raw value of a comfortable environment in terms of safety and profitability. While comfort not precisely a measurable state..

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  • Why Is Dock Maintenance So Essential?

    Your company’s doors and dock equipment are vital, but often overlooked, assets. Unfortunately, scheduled dock maintenance is not a high priority with most companies which means that when a problem does happen or a piece of equipment becomes unusable, both time,...

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  • Accordion Door/Grille Repair And Installation

    Accordion Grilles Add Style What kind of business do you have? You have to make sure your customers and clients feel comfortable within your office or building.There’s no mistaking when you can’t open your grille. These are supposed to bend and open in a very...

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  • Safety First Operation During Coronavirus

    With the continued spread of COVID-19, also known as the novel Coronavirus, we at Dor and Dok Systems want to assure you that we are prepared and ready to continue to provide essential door and gate services. With the continued spread of COVID-19, also known as the...

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  • How to Chose the Right Pallet Racking System For Your Business

    We talk a lot about the different types of pallet racking systems throughout our website. On our website, you can look at the different types of pallet racking system.We talk a lot about the different types of pallet racking systems throughout our website. On our...

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  • How To Turn Your Loading Dock Into An Energy Efficient Area

    The loading dock is a critical part of any warehouse operation. It is the primary pickup and drop off point for your business. And while this area plays such a significant role in your company’s profits, it can also cost your company money if you don’t take the proper...

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