commercial-garage-door-inspectionCommercial garage door Inspection

Is your garage door not functioning properly? Then iIt is time to opt for a thorough inspection offor your garage doors. We are a leader in the field of commercial and Industrial garage door inspection and maintenance. Although garage doors are frequently used, we generally do not opt for a regular maintenance services for our garage doors. We have a team of technicians who conduct a thorough inspection of your garage doors to detect whether your garage door is facing any major issues. Our team of professionals can inspect and identify the sections that need to be replaced immediately.

Modern openers have two safety reverse features on the door, which will automatically reverse the door if it encounters an obstacle upon closing. In 1982, a voluntary industry standard was created that requires an automatic reversing mechanism be part of the garage door opener. Under U.S. federal law (UL 325), garage door openers manufactured for the U.S since 1993 must also include a secondary safety reversing system, such as photoelectric eyes mounted no higher than six inches above the ground, or an electric safety edge mounted on the bottom of the door, which reverses upon contact for residential garage door. Before you check the safety reverses, run the door up and down noting movement and any unusual noises, and check the tracks for any damage. Also check for loose/missing hardware on the door and tracks. Make sure you document any damaged tracks and loose/missing hardware and recommend repair by a qualified garage door professional. Identify the type of door present and the condition of the overhead door noting any damage/deterioration on the door.

We provide you with prompt replacement and repair services so that your commercial garage door does not face further damage. When your client expects years of dependable operation, even the toughest industrial environments, then it’s critical for their commercial overhead garage door to be constructed from the industry’s most durable materials. Furthermore, proactive inspection and preventative maintenance on your commercial garage door will decrease down time, minimize costly repairs, maintain a safe environment and increase the life of your door and operators.Our customer service team will place you on a regular service schedule to maximize operations for your business. Our specialists will set a time that is convenient to perform an inspection and maintenance that includes the following:

  • Inspect for any worn parts
  • Tighten or replace any fasteners if needed
  • Adjust the counterbalance and motor settings if necessary
  • Lubricate bearings, rollers, tracks, hinges, chains and counterbalance assemblies
  • nspect that all part operations are working properly

Sometimes more complex issues are found during a service check. If this is the case we will discuss it with you immediately and prepare a proposal for repairs. We specialize in the installation and service of commercial and Industrial doors and any speciality doors in Houston.

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