crane-doorCrane Door

Crane door systems are ideal for overhead crane access. Heavy duty operators and components are designed for high strength and reliability. Crane doors are hinged at the top of the header and swing up and in, allowing the crane to pass under it. Due to the system’s elevation, this product is built resilient against strong wind loads. Specifically designed to fit the crane and crane rails and lifting vertically, the door requires virtually no side room and no floor tracks. Simple and safe to operate, it is ideal for extreme weather conditions and offers a tight seal, which helps you reduce energy consumption. Depending on door size, high-speed operation is also available. The crane door systems minimize your construction costs by permitting a virtually unlimited opening width with variable height. Depending on the opening shape and the placement of the crane rail, various door designs.

Rapid Fold Revolving / Vertical lift or canopy [ lift up]

Rapid self repairing roll up doors are the technological evolution of old PVC stripes or folding doors, which turned out to be inappropriate for the needs requests.Rapid fold up door is an ideal solution for fast and continuous transits. Canopy crane doors are used for passage of overhead cranes (top running, underslung and monorail type).

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