dock-guiding-lightDock Guiding Light

Dock guiding light safely guiding trucks into the proper position at the loading dock, day or night.

Reflective loading dock guide light

The most effective safety reflectors provide the most effective method for safety guiding trucks into the proper position at the loading dock day or night.All of our award winning dock reflector models are certified under retro-reflective intensity testing procedures ASTM E809 and E810. We use superior intensity film with maximum microprism brightness that meets and exceeds Federal Specification L-S-300C, ASTM Standard No. D4956 and FED-STD-370 providing unbeatable day and night guidance for trucks. The superior cost effective green design require no electricity to operate.It utilizes advances retro reflective materiel with superior micro prismatic brightness. Your safe loading dock gets safer and easier to maneuver.

  • No electric power consumption ever
  • Made in the USA
L.E.D loading dock guide light

we have L.E.D dock guiding light. LED Loading Dock Guide Light Set provides drivers with a visual target to align a truck trailer with the dock door. The Guide Light Set is especially useful in low-light environments like enclosed dock bays, but is bright enough to improve visibility of the dock opening even in daylight! The guide lights may also be installed inside the building to mark the door openings for forklift operators and other warehouse personnel.

Key Features
  • Long-life LEDs reduce replacement costs and down time.
  • High impact polycarbonate housing resists shocks and vibrations.
  • Uses 50 bright LEDs per light fixture.
  • 120 VAC units are UL and cUL listed.
  • Made in the USA.

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