door-and-dock-safety-productsDoor and Dock safety products

Dor and Dok systems warehouse safety products is designed to protect the people, structures and products in your warehouse. One of the major sources of damage is the powerful forklifts . Our mission is to provide our customers with the convenience expected from your door, dock and warehouse safety products while maintaining the latest safety standards. Dor and Dok systems Door,Dock and Motor operated gates and Access control technicians specialize in equipment inspections that focus on the identifying and correcting potential safety issues in your facility. We keep up to date on the latest technology available and will recommend solutions that you may not have considered.

Safety Rails

Improve plant safety and efficiency with Crash Guard Safety Rails by reducing the costs associated with employee injury, machinery down time, insurance claims, and building repairs due to accidental collisions.

Modular Protective Barrier

These safety rails are designed for lighter use in directing traffic in and around your plant, warehouse or facility.

Rack Guard

End of aisle on pallet rack is the most often damaged upright. A too tight turn with your forklift truck can cause damage to the upright and potentially collapse, causing product damage and injury.

Machine Guard

Improve plant safety and efficiency with Crash Guard by reducing the costs associated with employee injury, machinery down time, insurance claims, and building repairs due to accidental collisions. Machine Guards provides superior protection for your facility and machinery from costly forklift damage

Post Protectors

Post protectors are designed to prohibit personal injury or damage from forklift collisions to the rack frame. Forklift protection is achieved by absorbing the collision thus avoiding injury.

Door Track Guard

This product can pay for itself many times over and is one of the easiest expenses to justify in the warehouse. When installed properly it protects the most vunerable area of your overhead door track on your dock door. As drivers back out of trucks with loads they sometime start their turn too early.

Dock safety gate

Safety Gate is designed to greatly reduce your company’s risk of employee and visitor injury as well as damage to your building, equipment and products.

Dock Lock [ Truck restraints ]

There are many names, dock locks, vehicle restraints, truck locks, safety locks, vehicle locks, automatic wheel chocks and even more. No matter what you call them, if you are serious about safety, you need to have them. A mechanical means of restraining a trailer places the dock attendant in control of when the trailer can leave. Properly applied, installed, maintained and operated dock locks can prevent:

  • Undesired truck departure
  • Trailer creep
  • Trailer upending or landing gear collapse
  • Injuries, accidents, OSHA violations
Protects Dock Door and Tracks

Helps stop pallet jacks from colliding with dock door and tracks, saving on door repair and replacement.

Protects Pedestrians

Helps prevent pedestrians from walking off the edge of the dock.

Provides Excellent ROI

Withstands multiple impacts without the need for repair – prolonging door life and reducing maintenance costs

  • Flex hinge design dissipates impact energy to withstand multiple impacts from pallets or pallet jacks
  • Economical – priced lower than other gates providing similar or lesser protection
  • Easy installation – simply anchors to floor
  • When open, gate provides a full door width pass-thru clearance
  • For added safety, barriers secure in the upward position with self engaging latches
  • Lower barrier construction of 1/4″ wall ASTM A500 structural steel tubing
  • Durable highly visible safety yellow powder coat finish
  • Extremely low maintenance.

shield parking areas, buildings, and in plant tools from dangerous accidents caused by careless traffic drivers. To install, simply bolt down the base plate to the floor to achieve forklift protection.The Bolt on Post Protector provides increases aisle space, allowing for the smooth navigation of reach trucks and other warehouse vehicles around storage racks. Since they bolt directly to the column, Bolt on Post Protectors provide excellent column reinforcement and are great for providing extra support to damaged posts.

Traffic safety

Traffic Safety products are designed to be durable as well as provide for pedestrian and structural safety. They are weather and chemical resistant, and eliminate the need for seasonal painting. Parking Stops and Speed Bumps are highly visible and flexible enough to fit parking lot contours. Curb Ramps are lightweight and easy to use, providing a raised surface for excellent traction and maneuverability in all kinds of weather conditions. Ramps can be used with hand trucks and dollies for loading and unloading.

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