door-track-protection-systemDoor Trac Protection System

Overhead Door Track Guards are designed to protect doors positioned in high traffic areas of a warehouse. Track guards are bolted into the floor directly in front of overhead door tracks to provide added layers of protection against forklifts, motorized pallet jacks and other motorized equipment. Track guards are capable of withstanding the impact of 10,000 lbs. of forklift traffic at 3 to 4 miles per hour.We pride ourselves on delivering a set of products which meet your requirements no matter how complex. Our innovative and cost effective door protection solutions are guaranteed to reduce maintenance costs whilst improving your bream score and door life cycle. A door and frame protection solution usually consists of a variety of products which have been fully fire tested and developed to ensure that no matter the level of activity your doors are protected from damage. Products ranging from larger door protection panels to the smaller details such as glazing beads, doors found in hospitals, schools, warehouses and many other industries which receive heavy footfall could benefit from one of our door protection solutions.

  • door guards install directly into the building floor in minutes, and offers protection without interfering with the heavy duty overhead doors normal operation
  • Protects against both front and side heavy duty impacts. More durable and cost effective when compared with structural options. Easy to replace if damaged

Garage Door Track Repair and Replacement

Vertical track repairs

Tracks bent out of shape–frequently seen, and undesirable in a warehouse. Rectifying tracks from this condition will allow the rollers to again move smoothly. If applicable, the root cause of vertical track malfunction needs addressing. Repair then proceeds by placing a large screwdriver behind the bent part of the track. With one foot on the bottom area of the vertical track (with the door open), pulling in toward the center of the garage door opening straightens the track. If the door sustains damage while partially open, and the curved part of a vertical track bends over, repair takes place often with a hammer, or monkey wrench/adjustable wrench. Severe damage signals replacement.

Track replacement will likely take place in commercial cases where trucks have collided with the exterior concrete of a building, resulting in loosened jambs. This jolting leads to compromise of the steel channels and welding on the tracks. If the track problems result from structural shifting and concomitant misalignment, track reinstallation to get the spacing correct will become necessary. Oftentimes, this type of repair will arise due to the original track installation being too tight or too loose, leading again to untimely dislocation of the rollers.

Horizontal track repairs

With a large commercial door track or vertical lift system with bent horizontal tracks, technicians employ a “come-along” (or possibly two) to pull the affected portion of the track toward the center to alignment. The bolt holding the rear of the horizontal track can sometimes become loose. Opening the door triggers the track’s decline. With the door weight transferred to the horizontal track, this pulls the track down and bends the track radius as well, necessitating replacement of the horizontal track.

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