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Do you have frequent traffic patterns between two areas of a facility which are at significantly different temperatures? Do you need high security Area? High speed roll up doors are specifically designed to be used in applications requiring fast-moving or high volume traffic in a climate controlled environment.We specialize in high speed doors, which allow quick entry and exit to your work areas, while maximizing security and minimizing exposure to the elements. Each door is custom built to meet your specific requirements. Having a fast cycle door is key to minimizing temperature loss or climate control while moving product in and out of a specific area. High speed roll up doors are available with many add on options.

  • Product offerings include fabric and security doors
  • Improves traffic flow, saves energy, and controls environment
  • Breakaway features reduce downtime
  • Doors come in a variety of colors
  • Outstanding sealing ability; doors can be used in interior or exterior applications
  • Opening speed of up to 5 times faster than an overhead door
  • Suitable for applications in food and beverage, logistics, clean room, cold storage, public transport, and pharmaceutical industries. We provide high speed doors for clients located in all areas of Houston and suburbs. A new breakthrough in the rolling door industry , An extreme door for extreme conditions.

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  • Durability
  • Resistance to abusive environments
  • Return on investment


  • Cold storage / Freezer door
  • Strip / Curtain door
  • Bug door/ Screen door
  • Fire door
  • Security grilles [ Folding / sliding ]
  • Mini storage door

Door types

  • High cycle doors
  • Fast acting doors
  • Rapid roll up doors
  • Quick roll up doors
  • High speed roll up doors
  • High performance doors


  • 1. Engineered for years of dependable service with minimum maintenance or repairs
  • 2. Will meet the demands of all your industrial and commercial applications
  • 3. The sidelock bars provide a smooth running surface for the curtain while retaining it in the guides, even while under heavy windload
  • 4. The Air Wave safety edge leads the industry in sensitivity and reliability
  • 5. The hinged bottom bar is equipped with breakaway straps that will keep it rigid, unless impact occurs
  • 6. Wear strip on both sides of the curtain protect the rubber surface from friction that may cause wear
  • 7. Upon impact, the curtain and bottom bar will release from the guides, preventing damage to the door
  • 8. The door can be reset in minutes from the floor, without special tools or ladders

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