hurricane-wind-resistant-doorHurricane Wind Resistant Door

Commercial warehouse doors are larger and therefore vulnerable to wind induced pressure during severe windstorms, Inward and outward forces will find a weak links . There are simple additions to door system that create a more wind resistant design. Determination of wind load on rolling door involves a number of factors. One factors is the effective wind area on the door. This depends on Door width [ span length in ASCE 7 ] and Door height [ width in ASCE 7] The main concept to overcome this problem is “ Two way load sharing “. For Rolling doors this means that wind loads are distributed both horizontally and vertically. Rolling doors acts more like a diaphragm. The slats are interconnected such a way that they move relative to each other but the relative movement is limited. The result is that the slat acts together, not separately. They share the load. The whole curtain assembly transmits loading horizontally to each jamb and vertically to the barrel at the top of the door, where the curtain is securely attached. This load transmission occurs whether or not ‘Wind locks” [ built into the end of slats to enhance wind load capability].

Wind Loaded Doors Are Your Solution Why?

Custom-made to withstand your wind load requirements, Door and Dock Solutions provides the perfect commercial wind load door for your situation, with a quick and efficient. Features of our wind loaded service doors include:

  • Heavy duty Weather seal
  • Extra heavy duty motor
  • Custom Wind load Doors
  • Insulated and fire doors can be wind load specific
  • Selection of paint finishes
  • Torsion Springs designed for long-life function
  • No downtime in productivity

We have a fleet of mobile trucks that are stocked with parts needed to finish most jobs on the very first visit. You’ll may also be surprised to learn that most of our repair jobs can be done in less than an hour.

Our Wind Loaded Commercial Doors Offer Protection against wind / hurricane

Not only do our commercial wind load doors allow for wind resistant operation they also provide a higher level of protection against high winds and storms. When heavy winds, tropical storms, or hurricanes hit your area, you don’t want to worry about your industrial door failing. Contact us today to learn more about our wind loaded doors or how you can retrofit your existing door. Our wind loaded garage doors undergo severe testing to ensure they will withstand the forces of a violent storm.

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