loading dock bumper imageWarehouse dock bumpers

Dock Bumpers are used to provide economical protection for loading docks and trailers. Dock bumpers come in many different sizes, shapes and types to meet different applications needs.Rubber Loading Dock Bumpers Absorb Over 80% of the Impact Force. Loading dock bumpers are made with tough plies of fabric impregnated rubber pads that are compressed and secured by 3/4″ steel rods and then mounted to thick angle iron brackets. Rubber dock bumpers have pre drilled anchor bolt holes to allow quick installation. When purchasing dock bumpers, allow 12″ spacing between each bumper for dependable protection.These rubber loading dock bumpers have weather and abrasion resistant construction.

Laminated dock bumper

Laminated dock bumpers are maintenance free, weather resistant, and prevent damage to trucks, loading docks, and buildings by providing protection against impact of the trailer backing into the Dock

Molded dock bumper

Molded dock bumper are great for low traffic dock applications and can be ordered in many different sizes.

Nylon Dock Bumper

Virtually indestructible nylon based dock bumper material offers superior durability to help prevent dock damage and reduce maintenance costs.High-visibility safety yellow offers easier trailer backup .

Specialty molded dock bumper

Improve plant safety and efficiency with Crash Guard by reducing the costs associated with employee injury, machinery down time, insurance claims, and building repairs due to accidental collisions. Machine Guards provides superior protection for your facility and machinery from costly forklift damage

Steel faced dock bumper

Steel faced dock bumper are ideal for use in docking areas where excessive friction from up-and-down trailer movement occurs. The steel face gives the bumper at two times the life expectancy. These dock bumpers come in a variety of sizes.

Extra thick dock bumper

Extra thick dock bumper are the perfect product when greater stand out distance from the dock area is needed. Tough plies of rubber are layered to give superior impact resistance.

Steel spring bumpers
  • uses 2 to 4” steel spring pad that absorb impact
  • Allow trailer to run up and down the face with minimum friction
  • Laminated rubber section allows additional support for trailer impact
  • Steel spring easily removed for installation

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