strip-door-strip-curtain Strip door/ Strip curtain

Strip doors, or strip curtains, are a great way to reduce energy costs and separate workplace environments.Our goal is to help you save money, energy, improve comfort and increase safety. PVC Strips and Clear Flexible doors provide maximum visibility for safety while also creating a thermal barrier to help maintain room temps. Air Curtains can be heated or non heated and create an invisible wind barrier against cold or warm air, insects and debris. Strip doors trap in cold air, keeping foods fresher and extending shelf life, while allowing full visibility and easy access for personnel. In warehouses, strip doors are a must for controlling environmental conditions, saving money on heating costs, and ensuring worker safety with full visibility and easy passage for foot and vehicular traffic. Significantly reduce energy consumption and reduce maintenance costs on compressors. Strip doors significantly reduce fuel costs and help maintain temperatures while in transport and especially while making deliveries. Drivers can actually turn trucks and refrigeration off while making deliveries while still maintaining internal temperatures. Strip doors allow for easy passage of personnel, carts and machinery, while controlling insects, birds, dust and debris.

There are many settings in which strip doors are used. These are made of vinyl strips and are one of the best and most cost effective ways of separating spaces. They may also be referred to as strip curtains or PVC strip doors and the clear vinyl strips are set in such a way that they overlap each other. These doors are easy to install and their maintenance and replacement or repair is easy too.

Applications Include
  • Temperature control
  • Room division
  • Loading docks
  • Noice control
  • Welding booths
  • Brush seals
  • Locking devices
Benefits of strip curtain door
  • Employ comfort
  • Easy installation, cleaning, maintenance and replacement
  • Rugged and durable
  • Protection of employees and goods from adverse environment such us noice, moisture, heat, cold humidity and dust
  • Restricting pollution
  • Easy access walk / drive through
Mounting Options
  • Universal mounting
  • Header mounting
  • Wall mounting

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