traffic-and-impact-door Traffic and Impact door

In the event quick two way access is needed through an opening, traffic doors may be your answer. Also known as double acting doors, swing doors, and impact doors, traffic doors provide the required division between areas blocking both sound and vision. These doors are custom order to meet your specific applications. Some applications include restaurant doors, retail doors, supermarket doors, and industrial doors.

There are many settings in which strip doors are used. These are made of vinyl strips and are one of the best and most cost effective ways of separating spaces. They may also be referred to as strip curtains or PVC strip doors and the clear vinyl strips are set in such a way that they overlap each other. These doors are easy to install and their maintenance and replacement or repair is easy too.

  • Washable, moisture proof, anti corrosive, environment protection
  • Separating the food prep to cold storage area, kitchen to the warehouse or anywhere you need to hide the clutter or reduce the noise from your backroom operations
  • Restricting access by customers, vendors or employees to your workshop
  • No electric, no hydraulic or pneumatic equipment, simple operation
  • The opening is in either directions by a hand, hand truck, pallet jack or even fork lift and closed itself when released (thanks to a twisting spring system)
  • Fast and easy installation, no need for regular maintenance, energy saving and cost-effective solution, long-durability
  • Suitable for food processing, industrial, pharmaceutical, supermarket, warehouse, greenhouse and hospital etc.

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