ventilated-security-doorsVentilated Security Doors

Fresh air and ventilation reduce air pollutants, odors, and the potential for mold growth while helping to regulate building air pressure. High speed operation reduces infiltration when operating and the screen or perforated door panel construction keeps pests, insects and other unwanted contaminants from entering the building. Ventilated Intimidator doors are specially designed and manufactured to deliver the required airflow rating without compromising the door’s inherent strength and security.

Perforated security doors

are not just effective at providing security to properties, but they also come with a provision of letting in fresh air and light inside the rooms so that they remain ventilated and aerated. Users can enjoy outside view without having to compromise on security and protection of their properties.

Stainless Steel Security Doors

Stainless steel is a good material for building security, and one of the more common ones, because stainless steel is highly resistant to rotting, rusting, scratching, and denting, and is easy to repair and maintain. Stainless steel is also strong; using it to make security doors increases the doors’ tenacity by default due to the strength of the main material being used for manufacturing it.

Performance and Safety Options
  • Safety Edges
  • Safety Photo Eyes
  • Wind locks
  • High cycle springs
  • Perimeter seals
  • Brush seals
  • Locking devices

Operation Option

  • Motor operation
  • Chain hoist operation
  • Wireless remote packages
  • Loop detection systems

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